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Ingenious Unlimited Business Services, LLC


Ingenious Unlimited Business Services is a consultant company that helps individual to meet personal goals, future entrepreneur, and small businesses to meet their success. We provide a functional strategic planning process for small business startups, one-on-one or group consultation, and workshops.  We implement basic fundamental training and development depending on the type of workforce industry.


Our Mission

Keys to Success

Our Objectives

It is our mission and goals to provide a planning strategy and training with consistency in all aspects of  business operations.

Ingenious Unlimited Business Services is dedicated in providing active leadership and support in developing an affordable service. 

Our philosophy is to innovate creativity of excellence and to value our customers.

To be accessible for customers and businesses. 

To Interact and volunteer in communities by providing trustworthy services.

To foster internal and external innovation strategy. 

To maintain retention and expand  our business to clientele base state-to-state.   

To implement updates, necessary to remain in the competitive market and to reach potential clients.

Our objectives are based on decision-making and taking action. We demonstrate in putting our customer values in best business practice. To influence consumers to attend our workshops and take advantage of services that are afforadble and available.. 

Business practices:








Ingenious Unlimited Business Services, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Union City, GA



Contact us:

Office #404-761-8665 Ext 101

Direct #404-480-3952

Fax #404-480-3951

Email:  ingeniousunlimited@yahoo.com